Epoxy Garage Floor – Guide and Decoration Ideas

Garage floor epoxy – The garage is one of the most neglected areas of the home and one of the most used areas in some homes. The garage floor is something some homeowners hardly ever think about when they are considering home improvement. One of the ways to spruce up your garage is to learn about how to epoxy a garage floor. Epoxy is a durable coating that any DIY homeowner can apply with the right information.

Once your garage is cleared of any debris and your tools and equipment are all put away on shelves, you can start the prep work on your garage floor. You need to give the floor a good cleaning. Also make sure there is no paint, tire rubber or other coatings on the floor because epoxy may not mix well and it will ruin your project.

You can use the proper chemicals and strip your floor to ensure it has nothing on it that will affect the epoxy. Once you have these steps covered, you can move on to learning how to epoxy a garage floor. You will probably need a stiff-bristled broom to scrub your floor surface. You also need to allow your floor to dry for 7 to 10 days before trying to apply the epoxy coating.

How To Epoxy A Garage Floor

Now that you are past the prep work you can choose the proper epoxy coating and equipment for applying it. These are the basic steps in how to epoxy a garage floor.

  • Choose the epoxy coating at your local home improvement store or online.
  • Choose any color pigment you want for your floor to put in the epoxy mixture.
  • Choose a texture if you want to make your floor slip-resistant.
  • Choose the proper amount needed according to the area you will be covering.
  • Mix the pigment (if applicable) with the epoxy resin.
  • Add the catalyst (hardener) and remix.
  • Use a 3/4″ nap paint roller with an extension handle to apply your epoxy mixture to the floor. Remember not to back yourself into a corner.
  • Let the epoxy dry, bond and cure before parking on it or putting anything on the floor.
  • This is a very basic step-by-step guide for how to epoxy a garage floor. If this is something you want to do for your garage, make sure to get the full information and materials for the job.
  • Most big box stores will be able to provide this info for you.

Epoxy Garage Floor Ideas

The use of garage floor epoxy over other alternatives such as ordinary paints or shiny waxes has grown recently. The need to preserve the surface of garage has grown to be as important as constantly cleaning your house.

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Epoxy garage floor ideas
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