Garage Bike Rack Ideas – Design to Fit Your Space

Garage Bike Rack – Do you need a bike rack for your garage? If you pull into your driveway every night and have to climb out to move the family bikes just to pull your car inside, this is the solution you have been looking for.

The same is true if you find that the stuff in your garage is always in the way, it may be that an organization is needed. Many choose to go with suspended garage shelving for bikes and there are many to choose from. One is sure to fit into your budget and organize your bikes so you can use the garage again for its intended purpose.

Garage Bike Rack Ideas

Garage bike rack - saris bike trac
Saris bike trac

If you are looking for a bike rack for your garage that will get your bike up off of the floor, the Saris Bike Trac may be the perfect choice. This mounting device will hold one bike and can be installed on any surface providing the solution you need in no time at all.

For families with more than one bike, multiple racks can be purchased and staggered to accommodate all. Prices range from $34.95 to $63.95 depending on what options you choose. All will fit tires of up to 2.5″ in width. Your ceiling must be 80″ or taller to accommodate this model.

Garage bike rack ideas
Garage bike rack ideas

Are you looking for a bike rack for your garage that mounts the bike on your ceiling, but can still be accessed by your children? Children can hound you to get their bike down at the most inopportune time, but not if you choose to go this route and buy the Hoist Monster.

Hoist Monster

Here your child can raise or lower his bike with ease and you don’t have to worry about it being in your way when you get home. Thanks to the design of this model, the bike can easily be lifted in no time at all and it only costs $34 per bike.

Garage bike rack

If you would prefer a freestanding bike rack for your garage, choose the Gravity Bike Stand priced at $107. This rack has independent adjustment arms so your bikes will remain level when stored and the bike cradles are coated with vinyl to protect your ride.

This rack can be assembled in very little time as you don’t need screws, bolts or fasteners and the rack can hold up to 100 pounds making it the perfect choice for many. Consider these and the many other models offered when choosing your bike rack. No matter which type you ultimately decide to go with, you are sure to appreciate the extra space in your garage.

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