Tips for Choosing the Colour of Your Roller Garage Door

So you are about to buya roller garage door. You have chosen the size, specification and now you need to pick a colour. With so many colours, styles and finishes, how do you decide which is best for your home?Let’s have a look at some tips, colour options and styles.

Electric Aluminum Roller Shutter Garage Door

Consider your neighbourhood:

Are you in the city or a rural location? All these things are worth considering. If you live in the suburbs, then choosing a bright blue roller garage door probably isn’t the best choice. Try natural colours.

If you live in a city that has a lot of bold and bright architecture then a bright blue door may work. It may be worth looking around your neighbourhood. This will help you to see which colours work and which colours don’t.

Consider the exterior of your house:

Consider the style of your house and choose a roller garage door that’s complementary. A wood look door may suit an older property whilst something bright and metallic may best suit a modern you have exposed brick work, pebbledash or a different type of rendering and what colours are they? Consider also your existing doors and window frames, facias, gables and roof colour.

Location of your garage:

Some garages are not attached directly, but are separated on a drive way or tucked to the side of the house. In these cases you can be more liberal with the choice of style for your roller garage door.

To conclude everyone’s taste is different. Despite this, there is so much choice that, each of us can pick a door that fits with the current exterior of our home.